This is how Shenmue would play if it was a 8-bit Mega Man game

Youtuber and animator Peter Sjöstrand put together the above video combining his love for Mega Man and Shenmue into one ultimate fanboy video. The video features iconic moments and locations like the Rush turning into a forklift, QTEs and even a capsule toy machine boss fight.

As a big Mega Man fan growing up, if Ys NET ever made a retro style Shenmue game, I’d buy the crap out of it.

If you want the best possible version of Shenmue 3, don’t forget to contribute via their Kickstarter. Only 4 days left and its nearing 5 million, half the total it needs to become a ‘truly open world’.

3D Dot Game Heroes can do Master System

Made by IGN’s Retro devision. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a throw back to retro titles with a weird, cube like graphical effects (3D pixels, if you will). The game has recently been released in the west by Atlus, on the Playstation 3.

Good to see that retro, especially 8-bit focused, get some SEGA love. Usually Nintendo hogs up all the spot light.

If you own the game, you can import IGN’s Master System characters (Opa-Opa and Mick), download here.

[Thanks: Monkeroony]

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