Acitivison releases SEGA Toys’ Wappy Dog for American audiences

We have posted tons of SEGA Toys that are released exclusivly in Japan. Many of them are great concepts that most of us here will never get a chance to play with. I guess Acitivison also likes some of their ideas since they are bringing over ‘Wrappy Dog’ to America. It will be a toy that interacts with a DS game.


“Wappy Dog is groundbreaking,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “With the arrival of Wappy, the idea that videogames are a separate experience from toys is forever changed. Now, we have a future ahead which brings together the virtual and physical world, in a fun-filled and family friendly pet pastime.”

Seems that its going up against Nintendogs, but on the original DS? Plus the $49.99 entry fee? I see this as failing. Regardless, hit the jump and see the press release.