SEGA promoting Sonic Generations via The Simpsons

SEGA is going to put in some big money for Sonic Generations advertisement. Starting October 1st through December 31st you will be able to catch Sonic Generation adverts when the Simpsons go to ad breaks. Yes, SEGA & Sonic Generation are sponsoring new Simpson episodes.

“It’s on air every single day of the week and at a perfect time of day for dads and sons to watch TV.40 per cent of boys will see the idents over 60 times, an incredible frequency.” – SEGA’s UK marketing director Amanda Far

It seems that this is only confirmed for the UK at least. They will air the adverts across SKY 1, SKY HD and SKY Anytime. As for US marketing, they haven’t played their cards right. Don’t think they will be spending big bucks like in the UK, where Sonic is more popular.

[Source: MCV]

Virtua Tennis 4 getting £1m ad campaign

SEGA Europe continues to drop big cash on marketing their titles, this time it’s Virtua Tennis 4. The series will get online, print and TV ads during its European release April 29th. It will also be sponsored during Wimbledon. Those TV ads will start playing on April 25th on Channel 4, E4, Sky Sports, Sky, ITV2, and ITV4.

“With over a million pounds invested in marketing, this is our biggest spend on a Virtua Tennis title to date. Activity will create awareness at release, with a second execution to capitalize on grand slam fever during Wimbledon. The No.1 tennis series is releasing on what is a pretty significant date. For many, that will be the Royal Wedding, but for gamers it signifies the start of the gaming tennis season, and with the bank holiday a few extra hours of play. Virtua Tennis 4 is the only tennis game to include motion control functionality across all platforms.” –  Anna Downing (SEGA’s senior product manager)

The article keeps on saying it’s the series’ 10th anniversary, but that is incorrect since the original was released on arcades in 1999 and the Dreamcast port came in 2000. Unless I’m missing something? So now that SEGA Europe stepped up, what will SEGA America do?

[Source: MCVUK]