Alien: Colonial Marines Overhaul Mod tries to fix the game

ACM_2016-03-25_18-08-54-942Alien: Colonial Marines was a big fat mistake, a game that should have never been released and earned SEGA (and developer Gearbox) lots of ill will from gamers due to the disaster that it was. From false promises in advertising to the game being rushed to store shelves to make a quick buck out of the license, Alien fans felt betrayed.

Well, if you still have the game on your Steam list, you might want to give TemplarGFX’s new Alien: Colonial Marines Overhaul mod a shot! The team went into the game to heavily re-balance it and make it fun to play. Want to see all the stuff they changed? Hit the jump or check out the moddb page to download.

Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit dismisses Gearbox Software

The Alien: Colonial Marines lawsuit has been on going for two years now and it seems that SEGA will be the only one paying money out of their pocket when all is said and done, while Gearbox Software will walk away scot-free (minus courts and lawyers). SEGA previously agreed to pay $1.25 million back in August of last year, while Gearbox decided it would fight the charges stating it was a contractor and that SEGA had final approval. SEGA even made claims that marketing was also done by Gearbox in court filings which showed SEGA America’s displeasure with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

In May 12th, US District Judge James Donato actually denied the original motion for class certification of the suite and also denied dismissing Gearbox Software from the case. But just yesterday it seems that the plaintiff’s attorney agreed to dismiss Gearbox with prejudice (meaning they can’t file another suit against them concerning Aliens: Colonial Marines) and in return Gearbox won’t be seeking legal fees. Of course there have been no explanation why the plaintiffs all of a sudden dropped the charges against Gearbox Software, after 2 years of fighting in court.

This also means that they will have a renewed settlement discussions with SEGA, these will go on until June 3rd. What are your thoughts on Gearbox Software being dismissed and SEGA still being charged with the suit?

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Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien vs Predator have been pulled from the Steam store [update]

We know that Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien vs. Predator (2010) could have been better games, but did they really have to get pulled from the Steam store? One might say that it has to do with the Alien license, but that isn’t true since SEGA just released Alien: Isolation, which is still on the Steam store.

The even odder thing is that the older Alien vs Predator (published by Rebellion) is also still on Steam, making me think this could have been done by SEGA to weed out the ‘shitty’ Alien games. Though Aliens: Colonial Marines is still available to buy on Amazon, GMG, and other digital PC stores (all even redeem on steam and probably have limited codes).

Alien vs Predator and Alien: colonial Marines join a list of SEGA titles to be pulled from digital services. Others include the recent Afterburner Climax, Outrun 2: Coast to Coast, Sega Rally Revo, and more.  Read more about pulled games in the Steam forum topic.

Edit: Alien: Colonial Marines and Alien vs Predator have now reappeared on the Steam store.