After Burner Climax likely to be delisted from PSN and XBLA on December 24th

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If you want to own one of the greatest SEGA arcade games from the 2000s, better buy it now as we are hearing reports that After Burner Climax will be delisted from PSN and XBLA (and potentially iOS) on December 24th. This information comes from XBLA news tweeter lifelower, and the information is believable given OutRun Online Arcade was also delisted not too long ago due to an expiring contract with Ferrari. Retro Collect speculates that After Burner Climax is being pulled for the same reason as OutRun Online Arcade – it is likely SEGA’s contract with Boeing and Northrop Gruman, plane whose jet models are used in the game, expires at the end of the year.

We’ll find out for ourselves if this delisting is a sure thing, and in the meantime if you don’t own the game yourself it really is well worth owning. Pending delisting or not! You can find the game on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network for $9.99 and on the App Store and Google Play Store for just 99¢.


3 responses to “After Burner Climax likely to be delisted from PSN and XBLA on December 24th

  1. xx says:

    man this is bad news

  2. Clark says:

    This is the best arcade game in a long time. Get it while you can, its incredible. I missed out on OutRun but my friend has it, and it makes me sad every day I can’t download it. Don’t miss out.

  3. Kassandra says:

    it seems to already be gone on psn… I was going to buy it today… added funds to my psn, I wasn’t able to before…. but I was too late I guess… could someone reach out to Sega or Sony and ask them why it was taken down before the 24th….?

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