Sonic Colors introduces multiplayer mode? has posted some in-game screenshots of the upcoming Sonic Colors on their product page. All well and good, but what is up with the picture above?

Some say it could be co-op mode, others think its time trial. I think it might be a 2 player racing mode, in the vain of Sonic 2’s multiplayer mode. Should have just switched red Sonic to Tails. But then people would complain its not ‘Sonic only’.

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Sonic Colors coming out September 24th?

That is what Amazon UK is saying. They are listing both the Wii and DS titles as coming out September 24th, way before the previously announced Sonic 4.

I’m not at all surprised that the title is being released so soon, SEGA always seems to disclose lots of Sonic information till the last minute. No idea way.

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SEGA Deals: Bayonetta (PS3) $32.99

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