SEGA shows off ‘Remote Reality RPG’ attraction in Japan called ‘Jungle Treasure’

Picked up by Arcade Heroes, SEGA has unveiled a new concept in ‘kid-taintment’, called ‘Jungle Treasure’. If you check out the SEGA website, you can see that the game uses miniature vehicles that the kids control with a tablet, which means this sort of set up is way too expensive to work in America. I’m pretty sure there is way more to the game than that, but that’s all I’ve gathered from their official site.

SEGA is calling this type of game a ‘Remote Reality RPG’ because we all know that SEGA loves to create brand new genres. Like Arcade Heroes has stated, this isn’t the first time SEGA has created something like this, back in the late-80s they did the Sega Super Circuit attraction that was quite insane. But if you are in Tokyo, you can give ‘Jungle Treasure’ a try at the Musashi Murayama Aeon Mall.

SEGA and Capcom team up for Ace Attorney Investigations attraction

I bet when you read the title of SEGA and Capcom teaming up, you wanted a cross over video game? Ha! Take that! SEGA and Capcom are teaming up to bring an attraction called Ace Attorney Investigations to Joypolis.

Ace Attorney is a spin-off of the popular DS series Phoenix Wright games. The second title of the Ace Attorney series just came out in Japan, what better way to promote?
In the attraction you take the lead role of Miles Edgeworth and physically move around to collect evidence, while searching for the criminal. The whole thing is said to take about 20 minutes. The attraction is hitting Joypolis in Spring, one play will run you ¥600.

[Source: AndriaSang]