Border Break 2.5 Trailer

Here is the trailer for version 2.5 of Sega’s hit arcade game Border Break. This latest version introduces new mechs (Blast Runners) and new stages. It also introduces new battle modes: “Offensive Battles” and “Defensive Battles.” The players will be split into offensive and defensive teams that will have to either defend or attack the opposition’s core.

I’ve always wanted to play this game. It looks awesome.

Border Break TV: Volume 14

Here is another Volume of BB.TV. For those in Japan each episode of BB.TV highlights new and exciting features, levels and other interesting new additions to Segas online 20 vs. 20 mech fighting game Border Break.

To those of us not in Japan it’s another tantalizing look at an awesome game most of us will never get to play. Like googling attractive woman you’ll never get to… Erm, take to dinner.

BB.TV Vol.010 Border Break action!

Boy I haven’t wanted to play an Arcade game THIS much in years and I love Arcade games. Here’s another BB.TV episode to tease us poor fools in the west and show us exactly what were missing.

It’s like Team Fortress on crack, with robots.  WANT!