Rumor: Best Buy leaks Persona 5 S for Nintendo Switch early?

Its not a secret that Atlus has a game called “Persona 5 S”, they teased it and said we would get more information on April 25th.

But it looked like we didn’t have to wait too long for more information since a Best Buy employee system started listing a ton of unreleased Nintendo Switch games including Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. As you know, none of these titles have been officially announced.

Seeing that Joker is in Smash Bros, don’t be shocked that April 25th is the official reveal of the character along with the announcement with Persona 5 coming to Switch.

[Via: Wario64]

Best Buy selling Yakuza 4 for $40

Not exactly a news item in the traditional sense, but thought some would be glad to read this. Best Buy is holding a sale on Yakuza 4, selling it for only $39.99.

Apparently this sale is good through Saturday and includes both in-store and online. You can pick up Yakuza 4 for a heavily discounted price here.

Update: Good work, SEGA fans. has sold out of Yakuza 4 and the title is now on backorder. If you still want to purchase the game for a bargain and don’t want to wait for up to two weeks for more copies to be ordered, (or don’t live near a Best Buy,) has also discounted Yakuza 4, selling it for $53.99.

Happy gaming.