SEGA de-listing Sonic games with low scores

Can you erase history? SEGA seems like they want to, deleting their lower scoring Sonic games from history. How do they judge if a game is ‘low scoring’? Metacritic.

“Any Sonic game with an average Metacritic has been de-listed. We have to do this and increase the value of the brand. This will be very important when more big Sonic releases arrive in the future.” – Jurgen Post, SEGA’s Senior Vice President of EMEA

Jurgen says they want to keep the number of Sonic titles on shelves lower, only to the best available games. That way users won’t get confused seeing 10 or more Sonic titles on the shelves.

Sounds reasonable. So if you want to get brand new copies of Sonic & The Black Knight or Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, you should go and get them now. Actually don’t, use that money to get Sonic 4.

[Thanks: ROJM]