New Anarchy Reigns character trailer: Nikolai

Nikolai is the new announced character for Platinum Games’ upcoming video game Anarchy Reigns. This character seems to like to read… and beat the crap out of his opponents.

His special weapon is Tesla Blitz, which are his big robotic-looking arms. The character is obviously a reference to Nikola Tesla, the inventor and electrical engineer (look at all the electric attacks in the trailer).

Anarchy Reigns – Mathilda trailer

Here she is, Mathilda, the newest trailer for the upcoming Anarchy Reigns video game. You might remember her from MadWorld, she was Black Baron’s assistant that always ended up killing him.

Her pimp hand is strong in the trailer, also shows off her weapon of choice, ‘Iron Maiden’.

Anarchy Reigns – Black Baron trailer

Another character from Wii exclusive MadWorld jumps into the world of Anarchy Reigns, this will make it the fourth character. If you are wondering the others: Jack, Matilda and Big Bull are all from the MadWorld universe.

Black Baron will be bringing his ‘Super Sexy Fists of Fire’ to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 later this year. Are you ready?

Yakuza 4 Character Trailer – Masayoshi Tanimura

Here is another Yakuza 4 character trailer. This trailer tells the back story of ‘good cop gone bad’ Masayoshi Tanimura who is on the hunt for his fathers killer… But not before he does some gambling.

Anyone reminded of Shenmue?

This could be the final character trailer for the game as all main characters have had their story told now. Unless they plan on doing trailers for the sub-characters or bad guys. That could be cool.