Sonic Adventure 2 and Pepsi

I saw this posted on Twitter by @IizukaTakashi. This is a quite an amazing revelation. Sonic Adventure 2 was inspired by a Pepsi game! Can you believe that Iizuka-san was inspried by Pepsi…?

In case you didn’t realize it yet, I’m not being serious. I wanted to share this video because i found it amazing, regardless of which game was made first, or if it’s even an official Pepsi game.

The voice behind City Escape!

Ain’t it awesome? =3 Ted Poley has released a behind the scenes video of him recording his beautiful voice for City Escape.

This is my holiday gift to the gamers out there, this is from my own private collection. this is a full take all the way through of a recent session to re-do the song ESCAPE FROM THE CITY as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Sonic. Some,or most of this “take” made the final cut. Its not as easy as it looks, it took many hours to prep and rehearse so that i could nail it in the studio while the clock was ticking,plus, i wrote the lyrics so i was very familiar with the song….this gives a rare behind the scenes look at what it takes to get it right,this was the final take so there are some other vocals already on the track that you will hear leaking out from my headphones. I wrote the lyrics and a brand new bridge section for this new version, and Tony Harnell came in later and sang also. please visit and buy my greatest hits cd and also check out my new video BREATHE right here on can buy the BREATHE single on itunes. someday i hope to play in japan with Jun Senoue who produced this song and we will play the many songs we have done for SEGA together live.

Sonic Generations – City Escape Interview & Walkthrough

So this is pretty awesome, GameSpot snagged a nice long interview with ‘new guy’ (yeah, I’ll learn your name in due time… When you live up to Aaron and Ken!) and the game director Hiroshi Miyamoto.

You can see the entire walkthrough of Green Hill Zone and City Escape in both modern and classic gameplay. It looks pretty great! Part one is above and hit the jump to see part 2!