Unreleased SEGA Dreamcast port of ‘Colin McRae Rally 2.0’ unearthed


The Dreamcast had quite a bit of cancelled game before it met its erupt end on March 31st, 2001. Some of the popular ‘unreleased’ games that have made it out in the wild include a port of Half-Life and even SEGA-AM2’s Propeller Arena. Looks like we have one more game to add that list, Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 (the precursor to the DiRT games).

Colin McRae Rally, the first game got a release on both Windows and Playstation; while 2.0 only had a release on Windows. Mcrae Rally 2.0 added more difficultly levels (Novice, Intermediate and Expert), Arcade mode and more. Sadly the port that was unearthed was only 30% complete, but its still pretty cool to see.

You can hear Tomleecee from The Dreamcast Junkyard talk about the unearthed unreleased port.

Sega Amusements bringing DiRT Showdown to arcades with less DiRT

Sega Amusements has announced that they’ve teamed up to bring DiRT Showdown to arcades, just without the DiRT brand slapped onto it. Probably because of legal reasons, or because it’s not much like the other DiRT games anyway.

A picture of the arcade cabinets was put on Facebook as well, which can be seen below. If you want to play this game and there aren’t any arcades nearby where you live, then you can still buy the original game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Steam.