Sonic 20th Anniversary – Japanese Commercial

The blue rat’s 20th Anniversary is picking up speed in Japan and Sega have released a commercial to get the ball rolling. The commercial highlights just a few of the promotions for Sonic this year, including a mention of Sonic Colours, Sega’s arcade/theme park Joyopolis (possibly holding some kind of events), Sonic plush UFO catchers and of course Sonic Generations!

Looks like Sega’s going all out for the 20th anniversary of our favourite blue Hedgehog! May it be a good one!

Sonic Colours Deal, £17.99 at!

If you are in the UK and you haven’t bought Sonic Colours yet, then shame on you! Sonic Colours isn’t just the best Sonic game in YEARS, it’s the best 3D Sonic game ever… Yes, EVER.

But if you are still on the fence and are in the United Kingdom, then has a great deal for you. At £17.99 this game is a steal.

So go on, redeem yourself. Buy it while stocks last, hell if you already have it, buy it for a friends Christmas present!


Sonic Colours TV Spot

Check out the Sonic Colours TV spot!

I like it, it’s got gameplay, a review score flashes up (Even if it is just Nintendo Power…) and some of that good old fashioned humour which 90’s era Sega commercials were known for.

Take note of the book Sonic is holding near the end of the commercial. The cover says,
“Cracked, the biography of Dr. Eggman.”
Great touch!

Sonic Colors – US Commercial

The release date for Sonic Colors isn’t far off now and Sega is pushing Sonic Colors like… Well, like a Sonic game. Check out this brand new Sonic Colors commercial to be aired in the USA.

Note; I’ve dropped the ‘u’ in ‘Colours’ for this update as it’s an American commercial. Now excuse me while I go scrub myself in the shower with bleach and a wire brush.

Rumour: Sonic Colors May Be Ported, Mario & Sonic 3 Not Sports Related

So the long and the short of it is this, last year some random guy turned up on a site full of random people known as ‘4chan’. Calling himself  ‘Wentos the Traveling Salesman’ he claimed to be an insider from Sega with a lot of beans to spill.

Like some online Mystic Meg he then dispenses some rather vague predictions and info on upcoming Sonic games. For reasons unknown to me  people took stock in what this anonymous tipster had to say. Apparently many of his predictions did come true, albeit pretty vague ones I think anyone could have taken a stab in the dark at.

I’m not telling you this for the good of my health, so you have probably guessed it. He’s at it again… This time regarding Sonic Colours and Mario & Sonic.

Hit the jump to see what this guy is on about.

Sonic Colours Trailer 3 Reveals New Wisps!

The third trailer for Sonic Colours is here! This time showing off a brand new level set in an outer-space level.

The trailer also shows three wisps in action including the brand new Purple Frenzy wisp, Blue Cube wisp and the already announced Green Hover wisp and Pink Spikes wisp.

I’m not sure what to make of the purple one yet. Looks like the least interesting of the lot so far. The blue on the other hand seems to work like a Mario Power (P) item changing blocks into blue rings you can collect. I see a lot of potential for platforming and puzzles in the blue wisp.

Also worth noting is the pink wisps ability to Spin Dash, pretty cool but something Sonic should have by default in my opinion.

Sonic Colours trailer – Hover and Rocket

Colour me excited… Get it, colour? I’ll stop.

Yes, Sega have released yet another Sonic Colours trailer. This one focuses on the Hover and Rocket power ups. Boy does it look sweet!

What I see in Sonic Colours that I did not see in Sonic Unleasheds ‘day levels’ is more verity. Instead of just running though levels as fast as possibly, which is not what I enjoy or look for in a Sonic game at all. There is genuine platforming, little mini games, new paths to find and puzzles mid level. This makes the game far more interesting and something I hope becomes a staple of all new Sonic games.

Sonic Colours looks better and better with every trailer I see. I haven’t been as excited for a Sonic game since I was swayed to buy Phantasy Star Online before Skies of Arcadia even when my original plan was to buy Skies of Arcadia first. Simply because PSO came with a Sonic Adventure 2 demo.

Note: I bought Skies of Arcadia a week later. Loved both.

Sonic Colours Multiplayer hands on

Here is a video showing off the brand new multiplayer game play in Sonic Colours for the Wii. You will unlock multiplayer levels as you collect hidden red rings in the single player zones.

Multiplayer is a Co-op affair with where you use wisp powers to help each other get though the level. There is also a hint of competitiveness to keep things exciting.

I personally hope they also bring back a VS racing mode like in the classics or Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.

Green Wisp spotted in action!

The nice people over at have managed to record or find a recording of the green wisp in action!

The green wisp seems to turn our blue hero into some kind of green, floating rocket which you can control for a short period of time. Another fun looking addition which once again opening up new game play possibilities, serest routes and hidden areas to unlock.

On another note, what is the deal with those red rings spread though out the stage? What do you think or hope they do once you collect them all? Personally I hope they unlock new ‘challenge’ stages that revolve around using the wisp powers.

Sonic Colours direct feed gameplay

More gameplay of Sonic Colours! This time someone playing that kind of understands how to play a Sonic game and it is direct feed too. Nice!

Not much else to say, looks good, sounds good and I’m enjoying those power ups! The drilling one is very cool and I can imagine some very cool ideas coming out of it. How about an under ground maze to dig though?

Another video, this time of the Cake zone after the jump:

Sonic Colours gameplay video!

And it looks really, really good!

Graphically, What I can tell from the off-screen video anyway, it looks fantastic for a Wii game. In fact it looks great period. It’s full of colour and detail… The unrealistic art direction looks like a world a blue hedgehog belongs in! (For once.)

But graphics and art direction aside the game looks fun! At the start I was a little worried, the 3D section could use work, it’s looking a bit sparse and linear but as soon as it went to 2.5D I was in my element. Colour me excited. (lol pun)

I also heard a rumour that Sonic doesn’t talk… Which would be a god send.