Sonic 20th Anniversary – Japanese Commercial

The blue rat’s 20th Anniversary is picking up speed in Japan and Sega have released a commercial to get the ball rolling. The commercial highlights just a few of the promotions for Sonic this year, including a mention of Sonic Colours, Sega’s arcade/theme park Joyopolis (possibly holding some kind of events), Sonic plush UFO catchers and of course Sonic Generations!

Looks like Sega’s going all out for the 20th anniversary of our favourite blue Hedgehog! May it be a good one!


One response to “Sonic 20th Anniversary – Japanese Commercial

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    Man, I'm going to try to win some Sonic related UFO catcher merchandise. I suck at skill crane games but it sure beats whats usually in those machines.

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