Conduit 2 gets delayed again

Conduit 2 was suppose to be a 2010 title, was pushed to February 2011, then to March, and now there has been another delay! SEGA has posted the release date for April 19th.

Will it come out in April? Who knows now,  fans have been waiting for a long time and I hope it’s worth all the delays, unlike Alpha Protocol who shipped out buggy.

[Source: OnPause]

Conduit 2 won’t be released this year

Conduit 2 has been delayed to the first quarter of 2011. When the game does come out though, it will support the classic controller and classic controller pro, if you aren’t into the whole motion controller thing.

We already know that High Voltage Studios has fired some of its staff and the remaining people are working on this game, seems that they fired them too soon and could have used those helping hands!

[Source: Nintendojo]

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