Phantasy Star Online 2 Media Briefing – Fan Subbed!

[Part 1]

I’m sure any avid PSO fan remembers that not so long ago there was a media briefing in Japan for Phantasy Star Online 2, given by the games producer ‘Dragon Sakai’ (Satoshi Sakai). The problem with Japanese media briefings is that, well, they’re in Japanese, a made up language that nobody really understands, similar to talking in tongues.

Thankfully fans exist and so the fan dub was born and so at long last we can present the entire Media Briefing subbed in English. The briefing was translated by Jeremiah Bourque while Ian R. Justman and Velocity7 who did the audio editing, and subtitling, so give them all a round of applause!

Hit the jump for part 2 and part 3 of the briefing!

PSO2 livestream now live! [Update]

[Update: It’s over! I’m desperately trying to find a video of the trailer that was shown, but in the meantime you can look at my low quality screenshot!]

Well… it’s not exactly PSO2 just yet. Just a bunch of Japanese people talking and playing PSP2… but this is where the PSO2 footage is supposed to appear. So keep your eyes peeled!

This isn’t the official stream btw, just a fan stream of the official stream. So you don’t gotta worry about limits or moonspeak!