Emergency Changes – Update: Forums up

Sorry about the maintenance earlier today. Shigamado upgraded wordpress and completely screwed everything up because SEGAbits was powered by WP-United, and WP-United is no longer updated.

Here are some issues that will be.
– I’m going to be deleting everyones wordpress logins except the staff.
– You will comment just like you do on any other wordpress blog, which means avatars are powered by gravatar.com and you comment using your email.
– The login box on the side will be disappearing since we can no longer link the forums and blog together.
– Other changes that I haven’t thought of yet.

There will be issues as I continue to fix this, but I just wanted to ask you stay patient. Thanks =)

Oh and regarding the forums.. I’ll try to get those up soon. Hopefully they don’t give me too much trouble. We will probably be changing over to SMF software soon, but that’s not for certain at the moment.

Update: Forums are up.

Explanation of the Emergency Maintenance

Hey everyone. Sorry about the emergency maintenance. We realized that WP-united was creating duplicate user accounts in wordpress for no reason at all. So I had to go through the user mapping tool and break all the integration on the duplicate accounts and then delete all the duplicate accounts while integrating the real accounts.

Then after that I had to go and link all the newly posted articles to their rightful author. I can’t link comments to a specific author, so all comments that have been made on the new posts since the site relaunch say “UNREGISTERED”. Just wanted to let you guys know about that.

Hopefully this error doesn’t happen again, seeing as I have all current accounts integrated. Sorry if this downtime caused any inconvenience!