SEGA’s girly golf game for Vita gets leaked early

SEGA is apparently working on a girly golf game for Vita called “@Field”. The game was leaked by

The game isn’t all about mini golfing, it will also combine pinball elements into the game. The girls in the games aren’t really girls, they are called dolls. You will be able to customize them, to dress them the way you want.

There will be a mission mode that promises over 100 missions. Rewards for clearing missions include costumes and new fields to play with. There is an edit mode where you can make your own fields and share them with friends via ad-hoc mode or wifi. Sadly is unclear right now if there is online play, we will probably get this info when the game is formally announced.

@Field is coming out this Winter in Japan, priced at ¥3,990. No Western announcements has been made (duh), it doesn’t seem like a title that would be brought over though.

[Source: AndriaSang]