Reconfirmed: SEGA is no longer publishing Marvel games

I woke up this morning seeing a bunch of sites reporting that SEGA was no longer publishing Marvel games, as if this was a new discovery. Sadly, SEGA had confirmed this in an interview with Alan Pritchard for Game Informer back in December of 2010. In that interview he said that SEGA was not going to be publishing Marvel games after Thor and Captain America.
Now lets go forward to 2012, this is making rounds as something new. It isn’t. Old news, new mouth. Earlier today HollywoodReporter posted an interview with Marvel’s TQ Jefferson. TQ Jefferson is vp games production for Marvel, when asked if SEGA was going to publish any further Marvel properties he responded with.

“There are no current plans for additional Marvel games to be published by Sega.”

Again, nothing new. But hey, now we got it confirmed by both SEGA and Marvel.

Game Informer: Sonic Reborn fake review

The latest Game Informer (issue: 216) has a parody section called “Game Infarcer” that features great news like “Japanese Developers won’t shut up about how much Japanese development sucks” and how Activision shuts down every studio.

Yes, its not to be taken seriously. I thought some of you guys would enjoy the fake review of ‘Sonic Reborn’ which of course is a fake game.

SEGA’s Alan Pritchard “Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on”, 3DS News, Other Stuff…

Alan Pritchard, SEGA West’s VP of marketing and Sales, had a interview with Game Informer in the latest issue. One of the questions asked was if Aliens: Colonial Marines was still coming out. The short answer? Yes.

“Colonial Marines . We’ve been working closely with Gearbox behind the scenes, and we’ll be able to tell

Pritchard also discussed SEGA’s plans for the 3DS over the next financial and calendar year. In addition to confirming Super Monkey Ball as a 3DS launch title, he discussed plans for old and original IPs:

“We have a number of 3DS titles in our line-up for next financial and calendar year. There’s four or five existing franchises, one or two from the old Sega IP locker, and we’re looking at one or two new IPs as well.

It should be noted that in the same interview, Pritchard also mentioned that at least three Sonic titles will be revealed next year. Perhaps Sonic will be one of those existing IPs.

You can read the rest of the interview from the scans below. Its actually a good interview and he is pretty honest.

Game Informer: Vanquish Campaign lasts only 4 hours

Game Informer gave Vanquish a 7.75 out of 10. No idea what the difference between a 7.75 and a 8 is on their scale, but seems like its a ‘good game’ with some flaws, according to them.

Platinum Game’s Kellam tweets otherwise, concerning the 4 hour single player campaign:

“GameInformer: “Don’t be surprised if you finish your first playthrough in four hours.” Really? Because it would surprise the hell out of us.”

Some being recycled bosses, short  campaign and unimpressive weapons. Oh yes, they also mock the characters, I don’t think they understand the type of game Vanquish is suppose to be. Its suppose to be one of those games you replay over and over to get the highest score in the levels, just like Bayonetta.

Lets hope most users and other media don’t miss the point of the game when they review it.

[Source: N4G]

Game Informer reviews Aliens vs Predator

[Scan available here]

One of the first reviews for Aliens vs Predator has now been leaked online and comes from Game Informer. They seemed to only enjoy the Predator campaign, but ended up complaining about it having linear game design. I guess this is now a negative thing? Most stealth games feature linear game design. I also thought Call of Duty games were linear, but that didn’t stop it from getting awards.

“Curiously, Rebellion’s 1999 PC release, Aliens vs. Predator was well received, but the update captures none of that game’s unique spark. Instead we have a title trying to live off the fumes of two dormant franchises.”

I have to say, I think the review is a bit rough and doesn’t go into great detail about the games multiplayer aspects. I assume it was a rush review and was just put up as soon as possible. I quite enjoyed the demo, for what it was. If you have not played that, I suggest you give it a spin.