SEGA drops prices on some Game on Demand titles

Something I always hated about Games on Demand or any other ‘buy full titles digitally’ on consoles is that they always overprice the game in question. Did you know that Vanquish was $40 dollars? Well was, since SEGA just announced a much needed price drop.

Here are the price drops:

  • Vanquish – $39.99/£29.99   $19.99/£14.99
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing –  $29.99 $19.99
  • Virtua Tennis 2009 – $29.99 $19.99
  • Aliens vs. Predator – $29.99 $19.99
Now these titles are ten dollars under the ‘greatest hits’ or ‘platinum hits’ fee they would normally charge for them new. So they aren’t badly priced anymore. 
[Source: SEGA.Blog]

Sonic Free Riders joins Games on Demand

So let’s say you just got a Kinect unit and you really want to play Sonic Free Riders… Like now. You don’t want to drive to Wal-Mart or some other lame store full of lame people to stand in a lame line to purchase your lame game (oh snap).

Don’t worry, Microsoft and SEGA got you covered. Introducing Games on Demand. Basically you can purchase the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace and download it through the internet. This is the future my friends.

Game is being priced at $49.99. Yeah, pretty much full retail. Rethinking about visiting that lame store?

[Source: SEGAblog]

Sonic & SEGA All – Stars Racing now on Games On Demand


SEGA have just announced today that the all star title from Sumo Digital is now up for download on Xbox Live via Microsoft’s Games on Demand service. ASR joins the ranks with SEGA titles Bayonetta and Aliens Vs. Predator.

Sonic and SEGA All – Stars Racing will set you back $29.99. Well worth it.

Here’s to another way to play as Ryo!

[Source: Gameplay Today]

Bayonetta and Aliens vs. Predators finally hitting Games on Demand

SEGA has been hinting at something like this happening for awhile, but now its official, at least on Xbox 360. You can download Aliens vs. Predators on demand right now, but you will have to wait till February 22nd to get Bayonetta.

According to Microsoft’s website, Aliens vs. Predator costs $29.99 and I assume the price will be the same for Bayonetta. AVP weighs in at a 6.12GB.