SEGA PC games being discounted up to 90%! Check out these weekend deals

(above image by DeviantART user: Shadic592)

This weekend is going to be huge for SEGA PC gamers, there are tons of sales across the internet, some on Steam and others on other websites like Gamefly. So let’s get started! 

Steam: Make War Not Love sale 


Green Man Gaming

GameFly Digital: SEGA classics sale

(Note: All the games on sale by Gamefly use Games for Windows Live, which is being discontinued on July 1st, 2014. That means that the online portions of the games will remain offline, the games will still be playable on offline accounts.)

Pre-order Alien: Isolation for PC through Green Man Gaming and get 25% off

We know that PC gaming is always cheaper than console gaming and we all hear about those huge discounts. Most of the time, this happens due to the fact that PC gamers aren’t locked into one marketplace to buy PC games like consoles are, sure most people use Steam (because they have great sales) but others are always trying to under price Steam. Like Green Man Gaming, who is running a sale on Alien: Isolation for PC already! 25% off making the game check out to $37.50! Just enter: GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU at checkout!

The best part? The DRM is said to be Steam Powered, so you can still add it to your Steam library when it comes out.