SEGA helps raise awareness of declining hedgehog population

Did you know there is a decline of hedgehogs? 300,000 less hedgehogs in Britain than there where 10 years ago. 50,000 of them are killed on roads every year. Now there is a charity, lead by David Wembridge to raise awareness about this issue. They are even teaming up with SEGA.

“The level of our concern about hedgehog numbers is growing because of the mounting evidence of decline in their population. All the indications are that something is going wrong and that in a few decades time, the hedgehog might be under threat as a species.” David Wembridge

SEGA set up a ‘hedgehog road crossing’ in Twickenham, which just happens to match up with the release of Sonic Colors. Can you mark ‘advertising’ as ‘charity’ off of tax forms? Wait, do Europeans pay taxes?

[Source: Dailymail]