SEGA Fes 2019 to host SEGA Saturn’s 25th Anniversary Event with Hiroshi Fujioka as special guest

This month will be an exciting one for every SEGA fan out there as SEGA FES 2019 is only 30 days away from us! To celebrate this year’s event, the SEGA Festival will be hosting a special event dedicated to the SEGA Saturn’s 25th Anniversary and celebrating it’s launch in Japan since the console’s release on September 1994.

The stage presentation will take look back on the history of Sega Saturn 25 years together with those who are deeply involved with the Sega Saturn and people from the industry, including the appearance of Hiroshi Fujioka who portrayed as Segata Sanshiro, a martial artist who commanded people to play Sega Saturn games, for the console’s commercials over the years. 

The stage presentation will be held at SEGA FES 2019 on March 30th at Bersaar Akihabara. We will keep our readers posted on more news regarding SEGA FES 2019 this month. Are you looking forward to this year’s SEGA FES? Let’s us know on the comments below. 

SEGA planning another live stream event… with special guests featuring Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Ms. Arisa Noto and Hiroshi Fujioka (Segata Sanshiro)

Toriaa! SEGA fans of yesteryear can rejoice as SEGA Corporation is having a two part live stream event featuring Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and his SEGA Sound Unit band,  Ms. Arisa Noto (“Hello, Little Monsters”) as a guest vocal along with a special guest who was famous as a certain judo karate expert who we all know and love who beats up people for not playing the SEGA Saturn in Japan and sacrificing his life to protect us from a evil gaming company, Hiroshi Fujioka aka Segata Sanshiro. Judging from the Google translation, the event will focus on the aspects of Segata Sanshiro and new music played by the SEGA Sound Unit Band. The event will be held at TV Tokyo Center and stream live on March 16, 2013 19:30 (Sat. JPT). Read more of the this story to read the summary of the event, pictures and links to the live stream.

Who is your favorite SEGA Dad?

Father’s day usually has me picturing Football and beer, but today we will talk about SEGA dads, which is your favorite? My vote goes to Iwao Hazuki. First of all he was voiced in Japan by Hiroshi Fujioka, the man that played Segata Sanshiro. Already awesome.

In the game Shenmue, there is also flash backs to Ryo and his dad as kids, like where he convinces him to eat carrots, even though he dislikes them. If you know kids, you know you have to be pretty good to convince them do what they don’t want to. Especially me, I was a fucking brat.

Not to mention he gave the location of the Dragon Mirror to Lan Di so he wouldn’t hurt his son. Even though we know its very important object, so much so that he would fight and risk his own life to protect it.

Who is your favorite SEGA dad?