New SEGA UFO A La Carte 3 revealed – Check it out in action

The official SEGA Youtube channel revealed the first follow-up to the UFO A La Carte arcade machine series since 2009. A video was released showcasing the UFO A La Carte 3, the newest UFO machine developed by SEGA and the first under the GiGO license. The new catcher has bubbled pull strings to pull down using a fork-like gripper, with prizes on the end or next to it. How it works is you try to line up the gripper with the string to center it and it pulls the prize string down. You might have to get it a few times in order to win the prizes, which include plushes, keychains, figures and more. The video shows a small tutorial on how to use and is very familiar with other UFO machines with the two button layout. No information for distribution or a release date has come up but you can check out the video above.

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Video shows how to make Sonic Sackboy

Sackboy was a nickname we used to call this kid in my high school with one testical, seems that the world has changed and given this name to Sony’s new family friendly mascot.

One of the gimmicks of Sackboy is that he can change his appearance, mostly when you pay Sony money for new items. One of the costumes Sackboy has received over the years has  been a Sonic the Hedgehog pack. Now you can make your own Sackboy Sonic doll at home. Follow the video.

[Via: Kotaku]