Sega Announces Sonic Generations Collector’s Set Exclusive for Europe.

UPDATE: Available in Australia too. Rumored at $200 (AUS)

Today, Sega decided to torture me by showing off the Sonic Generations Collector’s edition exclusively for Europe (I’m American).

Included in the collector’s edition is a collectable figurine featuring both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, an exclusive, individually numbered commemorative “Gold Ring”, and a “20 Years of Sonic Art” book, containing never before seen sketches and images from the past 20 years. Also contained in the Collector’s Edition are the ‘20th Anniversary Sonic Soundtrack’ featuring a selection of tracks handpicked by Sonic Team, and the ‘History of Sonic: Birth of an Icon’ documentary, an exclusive collection of interviews and footage charting Sonic’s life from inception through to becoming one of the most iconic characters in videogame history. Limited edition lenticular packaging and bonus additional downloadable content for the game are the final components that make up this unique collector’s edition for Sonic Generations.

No details have been given on price. Man, I GOTTA have this thing!! I just got to figure out how. Help me in the comments folks! …Please?

UPDATE: Actually, if it’s near $200, I might pass. Grrrrr.

SECOND UPDATE: It appears Amazon Germany will ship the game to the United States. Total cost is $138 after shipping and price conversion. Not too shabby! Better than $200 at least.

[Source: Sega Blogs]