Vidya Retro Highlights: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Mobile and More

If you’ve missed our live stream shows, you’ll be happy to know that we archive (most) of our videos including our first look at Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed running on iOS as led by Guess Who. We’ve also got first looks of Sonic Dash and Crazy Taxi running on Android that showcase game features and commentary from the staff at Sonic Retro.

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PAX ’13 – Heroki Demo Impressions


At this year’s PAX 2013, SEGA is hitting it off with another indie developer under the SEGA Alliance brand. This time lending a hand to a developer from the Netherlands, Picomy Games, to release their action game Heroki to iDevices. I was joined in by two of the developers, Michael Balm and Bobby Bouman, as well as SEGA Alliance producer John Eternal as they showcased a build running on an iPad to help explain the game mechanics and provide some insight on the development on the game.

Sonic CD Teaser Trailer

Well here’s an interesting trailer! They introduce the trailer with a Sonic 4 sprite running into a Past sign and turning back into the Sonic CD sprite! Is it just a gimmick or some kind of hint towards the direction of Sonic 4 Episode 2? Hard to say!

It has been confirmed that Sonic CD will use the Japanese/Euro version of the sound track, which is a good thing! Apparently this isn’t an emulated port but it actually runs on a fan made engine called ‘The Retro Engine’ developed by someone going by the name ‘The Taxman’. That doesn’t mean much to me but by the reaction of the Sonic fans it’s a good thing and so long as Backbone isn’t involved that’s a plus judging by their previous port work for Sega.

Sonic CD will be available for XBLA, PSN, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad™, Windows PC Digital Download, Android and Windows Phone and will be available for download in late 2011.

I also read something about looping sound tracks and ‘Sonic 2 spindash or CD style.’ Which I’m sure means something to someone…

“JUST HALF” a new game from Prope!

The video is very self explanatory, the game is simply about drawing a line that splits the screen directly in half… but there are obstacles in the way!

Still don’t know if Sega is involved with this one but I think they were quite silly to give up Ivy the Kiwi… I think this is a pretty neat idea. Nothing mind blowing but a good distraction.

“Draw a line with your finger to split the area in half. It is a very simple game. If you play this, you will find out just how amazing your powers of concentration and sense of balance are.”

The game is for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.