Sonic CD Teaser Trailer

Well here’s an interesting trailer! They introduce the trailer with a Sonic 4 sprite running into a Past sign and turning back into the Sonic CD sprite! Is it just a gimmick or some kind of hint towards the direction of Sonic 4 Episode 2? Hard to say!

It has been confirmed that Sonic CD will use the Japanese/Euro version of the sound track, which is a good thing! Apparently this isn’t an emulated port but it actually runs on a fan made engine called ‘The Retro Engine’ developed by someone going by the name ‘The Taxman’. That doesn’t mean much to me but by the reaction of the Sonic fans it’s a good thing and so long as Backbone isn’t involved that’s a plus judging by their previous port work for Sega.

Sonic CD will be available for XBLA, PSN, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad™, Windows PC Digital Download, Android and Windows Phone and will be available for download in late 2011.

I also read something about looping sound tracks and ‘Sonic 2 spindash or CD style.’ Which I’m sure means something to someone…


8 responses to “Sonic CD Teaser Trailer

  1. Dr. Facepalm says:

    The spindash difference is a huge deal. It’s the difference between holding down a button to charge a spindash, or revving up by tapping A. And trust me, though that sounds insignificant, that can be a huge difference!

  2. To quote myself from my Nomad Junkyard article:

    The trailer itself is quite interesting, as it directly ties Sonic 4 into Sonic CD by peppering in images of Metal Sonic (who appeared post-credits in Sonic 4) and stating “THIS HOLIDAY SEE HOW IT ALL STARTED”. I’d assume they mean, play Sonic CD to see how the Metal Sonic rivalry began. Personally, I think SEGA realized that Sonic 4 Episode 2 was not going to be released in 2011, and to keep the idea alive they rereleased Sonic CD as a stand-in, making the 2012 Episode 2 wait less of an annoyance. Hey! If SEGA wants to delay Episode 3, and give us Chaotix, I’ll be more than happy!

    Also, The Taxman was a dude who created a flawless iOS version of Sonic CD. SEGA seemingly shut him down, but it seems that they actually approached him to assist in the port rather than simply stopping him. Great idea on SEGA’s part!

  3. Sonic Boom Sonic Boom Sonic Boom!

  4. Shigs says:

    That trailer. What a cocktease.

  5. JUrameshi says:

    Guess they either want to show where Metal Sonic comes from (for Sonic Generations or Sonic 4 Epi2) or they’ve turned Sonic 4 into the prequel to Sonic CD.

  6. likealolita says:

    No Nintendo platform love?

  7. STORM! says:

    The shittiest one on the series… Sonic CD is not a good game…

    Also, I have never realized that the singer on it was Japanese. Holy shit!! What a good English ;pp

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