Price for upcoming unreleased SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis game ‘It Came from the Desert’ revealed


Back in July we shared the news that the unreleased SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis game It Came from the Desert was finally seeing release by way of the efforts of Watermelon Games and the original developers Cinemaware. The game, originally slated for a 1990 release, was deemed by publisher EA to be too difficult and was troubled by a game crashing bug. Watermelon Games promises that both issues will be fixed.

Until now we did not know the price of the game, and as our headline suggests, well now we do! For $55, shipping not included, fans of long lost 16-bit titles will receive the limited edition release which will contain a case and slipcover, manual, poster, and of course the cartridge. Cinemaware promises that this price is final and will not change, and that more news is to come after the holidays including the start of pre-orders in January 2015.

Learn more about Cinemaware and their work at their official site.

Unreleased SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game ‘It Came from the Desert’ getting official release by Watermelon Games


It Came from the Desert is a 1989 computer game by Cinemaware and later got ports, of them being on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive that was sadly cancelled before its release date in 1990. The SEGA 16-bit version was set to be different than the original by having custom power ups that where created by collecting machinery pieces, changing main protagonist who in the original was a scientist, now you are a teenage pest control worker named Buzz, and more.

Watermelon Games have announced that they will be working with the original developers Cineaware to bring an official limited release of ‘It Came From the Desert’. One of the main issues with the main game was that it was way too hard, Watermelon games said they will be tweaking the game to make it more enjoyable and will also be fixing a game crashing bug (reason it wasn’t officially released by EA).

You guys can check their product page here for more information.