SEGA comments on Steam’s new controller


There has been a lot of questions regarding Steam’s new controller, pictured above. The controller will use two trackpads instead of traditional buttons that can be fully customized by developers, the idea is that it will allow users to play RTS games, as well as ‘traditional’ controller games just fine. Of course SEGA would like the opportunity to bring their massive successful PC games into the living room. But how does it control?

“It’s very much still in beta. It’s rough around the edges and there are functions missing. The first thing I noticed is that it feels very light, and the left hand touchpad movement feels very natural. It is incredibly fluid and intuitive right from the off. The right hand touchpad, which would normally handle your looking movements, was frantic and incredibly sensitive. It was tricky, but if you hone it down and manage the sensitivity, I am sure it will be better. You can tell pro-gamers will use this in tournaments.” – Digital distribution director James Schall

SEGA managed to win over brand director for Total War, Rob Bartholomew who came into Valve questioning the idea for the controller. He said after 10 minutes he was won over with the possibilities they can accomplish with the new pad.

Digital distribution helped SEGA enter new territories

[By the way, PSN is still down!]

SEGA announced last year that they had a whole team dedicated to digital distribution. James Schall, SEGA’s digital distribution manager, spoke about how they have reached new territories due to ESD (electronic software distribution).

“A few years ago the digital team was bolted on to the side of other departments, with a couple of people at most working on the project. Now we have a specific ESD team of six looking after PC titles. Digital enables you to reach out to new territories.” – James Schall, Digital Distribution Manager

Not an expert, but since SEGA doesn’t have too many PC titles I think 6 people handling the job is pretty ample. Maybe I’m wrong? I think digital teams over at SEGA will just get bigger as the market grows on consoles, but after the PSN thing happened, will you rely on a network?

[Source: MCV]