Phantasy Star being turned into social game as well

What? First Shenmue, Sakura Wars, Yakuza, and now Phantasy Star? That is right, Phantasy Star will be joining Shenmue City on the Mobagetown mobile social gaming platform under the name Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters.
If you didn’t know, we actually reported on the trademark for the name, now we finally find out what they are doing with it. In Eternal Hunters you will have to collect data from a ship’s crashing site on some uncharted planet.

The big feature that SEGA is talking about in this game is the use of GPS information from your cell phone that will create unique monsters depending on your location and where you play. So if you are in different areas in Japan, you will have a different experience. Pre-registration for the game has already started, the service is expected to launch ‘this winter’. The game will of course be free to play.

[Source: AndriaSang]