SEGA’s K-On! After School Live joins the list of PSP games remastered for PS3

[Above: Original PSP version of the game ]

If you have not heard of the PSP Remastered thing that Sony announced last year, they basically enhance the visuals and sound of PSP games and put them on PS3. One of the first games announced was Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and it looks like a nice upgrade.

So now SEGA is jumping on the train and announced their first title for the PSP remastered program. K-On! After School Live!! HD Ver. Yep, not a Valkyria Chronicles game, something that PS3 fans have been wanting for a long time.  Why give us that, you guys want some HD underage anime girls.

The game is set to be released in early summer. Will support stereoscopic 3D, multiplayer via Adhoc Party and game-sharing with the original PSP title.

SEGA’s TGS 2010 line-up confirmed

SEGA has let their ‘official’ line up out of the bag, of course, they have a surprise or two they don’t want to reveal yet. This is their ‘expect to be there’ and playable games.

  • Vanquish (PS3/360)
  • Virtual On Force (360)
  • Sonic Colors (Wii/DS)
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP)
  • Black Panther New Yakuza  Chapter (PSP)
  • Shining Hearts (PSP)
  • K-On After School Live (PSP)

Of course they will most likely have a new Phantasy Star related product (anniversary game?) and for sure the new Yakuza PS3 game.

[Source: Joystiq]