SEGA Australia details Yakuza 4 limited editions

SEGA Australia have announced that they will be releasing two limited editions for Yakuza 4, along with the regular edition of the game. The limited editions will be labeled as Kuro Edition (Black Edition) and the Shiro Edition (White Edition).  Kuro Edition comes in black steel book and is packed with four pieces of bonus content to unlock. Same thing for the Shiro Edition, only it comes in white steel book. You can see each edition above.
Pre-order deals are rather sweet:

  • EBGames: Pre-order the Kuro Edition and receive the awesome Ichiban Box (Number 1 Box) with your game. It has a hostess calendar, chopsticks, rice bowl, and all comes packaged in a rice box (see picture below!).
  • JB Hi Fi: Pre-order the Shiro Edition and receive a free copy of Yakuza 3.
  • GAME Stores: Pre-order Yakuza 4 and receive a free Yakuza 4 t-shirt. (see picture below!)

All  versions of the game are now available to pre-order in Australia. The game hits store shelves on March 24th. No limited editions announced for America or Europe. Sucks for us.

[Source: HookedGamers]