SEGA showcases nine arcade games for Amusement Expo

SEGA Amusements has put together a short video showcasing what arcade games the company has for 2022. Some of the games we’ve seen talked about before like Mission Impossible Arcade DLX, but the video also showcases smaller titles like Capto Crane and Polar Slide.

The video features:

  • VR Agent
  • Mission Impossible Arcade DLX
  • Jet Blaster
  • Men in Black
  • Jumanji
  • Polar Slide
  • Power Roll
  • Capto Crane
  • Pushing Points

I know that lately people have assumed SEGA has pulled out of the arcade markets because they sold their arcade management business, but that isn’t true. SEGA is, as of right now, still creating arcade games but just doesn’t own most of its Japanese venues anymore.