Total War series sells 11 million within the last 6 years


SEGA has announced their critical acclaimed series Total War has managed to sell 11 million units between the previous 5 installments (Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, Rome II and Attila) and a further 18 million units of DLC sold. What’s interesting to note is due to the fact that Attila is so new, it is almost assuredly that the majority of the 11 million sales is actually made up of 4 titles, showcasing just how popular the series is. Furthermore SEGA revealed that the first week sales in the UK for the latest Total War title, Attila, were 21,680 units with 81% of the sales coming from digital.

Speaking to MVC, Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew said;

“Since the release of Total War: Napoleon in 2010, we’ve built a great tradition of standalone follow-ups to our major titles, and it’s great to see Attila so well-received by fans and critics.

Globally we’re seeing this title reach double the sales of Napoleon in its first week and, as Creative Assembly’s home market, it’s heartening to see the UK taking its fair share of that success. With over a million people playing Total War each month now, it turns out there’s plenty of gamers who just want to watch the world burn. Who knew?”

Total War‘s impressive 1 million active users a month is surely another indication why SEGA, along with it’s life consuming Football Manager series, has been focusing so much on PC. As they continue to curve up a strong position in the PC market and with both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Arena on the horizon, this series will prove to be a key pillar for the SEGA’s growth and prosperity.

Napoleon: Total War soundtrack nominated for Ivors award

The Ivor Novello awards, which only nominates British (or Irish) composers, is back this year. They do awards for stuff like TV, Movies and even, in our case, video games. Nominated for best game soundtrack? Napoleon: Total War.

So what’s the competition? Enslaved got nominated and so did 007: Blood Stone. Guess who the composer for the 007 game is? Richard Jacques, who also did a lot of music for SEGA, including the latest Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing soundtrack.

[Source: Joystiq]

Napoleon: Total War – New Features trailer

Check out Napoleon: Total War – Community Chapter 2 to find out what is new in the next Total War game, Napoleon: Total War. Including a new multi player mode, general abilities, diplomacy skills and more.

The game is set to release at the end of February. If you are a Sega fan that has yet to try this series out, (I know there’s quite a few of you!) and you have the kind of PC that can run it. This is a good time to start, the depth and level of detail in the Total War series is a marvel!