Rumor: Vanquish to be a shooter

There have been a ton of rumors flying around about Vanquish, the new title by Platinum Games. One of the rumors was that it was a Playstation 3 exclusive because of a leak were SEGA mentioned it might have PSP connectivity and after the trailer hit the internet, everyone assumed it was a shooting game. It seems that both rumors might be correct, according to the Official Playstation Magazine podcast.

“Next time we’ll be talking shooters with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Vanquish and another very special game yet to be announced.”

Sure this does not make it a Playstation 3 exclusive, but I have yet to see any signs to point at a 360 version and we all know that Mikami is not scared of going exclusive. See: Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4. Also the guys at OPM have said its a shooter…

(Yes, I know that everyone is excited about the ‘very special game’ that is yet to be announced, that is cool, but its not a SEGA game!)