The second SEGA Pluto console has been found… at a flea market for $1

Yesterday we shared the news that a SEGA Pluto console existed, at least in prototype form, and that according to the source only two existed. Well, thanks to Destructoid reader, we now know where the second one is. The second console, which is designated as the first of two, is owned by kidvid666 who bought the Pluto around five or six years ago at a flea market for… $1. I’m sure many game collectors have their own awesome stories of flea market finds, but this one takes the cake. According to kidvid666, the system works, but the lid is broken and won’t stay shut.

kidvid666 has considered selling the SEGA Pluto on eBay, though given its historical significance, perhaps he should keep it safe and perserved? I’m sure SEGA Retro would take very good care of it.

The SEGA Pluto console revealed!

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Thanks to the Assembler Games forums, we can now check another item off our list of “SEGA hardware with planetary code names”. While Pluto is no longer classed as a planet, Assembler Games forum member Super Magnetic has revealed that it was in fact a proposed SEGA console! Don’t get too excited, however. Super Magnetic revealed that the SEGA Pluto was a SEGA Saturn with the Netlink Adapter built in. As Super Magnetic explains:

After a good 14 years or so of sitting on this, I’ve decided it’s time to share a little bit of Sega lore with those who would appreciate it most.

First, a little background info — I was introduced to this site by Monkfish (a great friend who recently passed away, RIP), who provided everyone with the Geist build, if memory serves. We worked together at Sega back in the day, and a bout of reminiscence over my old friend led me to remember this site, which leads us to today.

I’m here to reveal a piece of unreleased Sega hardware — the Pluto. And no, it’s not that Nomad wannabe — it’s a Saturn with a Netlink built in.