Renegade Ops joins new PSN program called “PSN Play”

Sony just announced a new ‘annual’ program they will be launching called “PSN Play”. Basically if you pre-order a ‘PSN Play’ title, you will receive a free PSN theme. If you purchase the title before a date (this time around it’s September 19th) you will get a free piece of DLC for that game.

But, if you get all of the ‘PSN Play’ titles, you will get  a free unreleased game. This time around if you buy all four titles above by September 19th, you will get Payday: The Heist for free. If you have Playstation Plus, you get 20% off on top of that.  Do want. Renegade Ops is out September 13th on PSN.

[Source: Playstation.Blog]