Yu Suzuki reveals more Shenmue 3 secrets and details in Reddit AMA

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Last night Yu Suzuki held a Reddit AMA, revealing even more Shenmue 3 details for fans. While the event itself was initially confusing, failing to mention if the event was 9:30 AM or PM, what time zone it was in, and where on Reddit it could be found, eventually everything was sorted and the AMA took place at /r/IAMA. Suzuki answered several questions pertaining to the length of the game, how many chapters the entire Shenmue saga would cover, potential gameplay elements, and more. Most interestingly, he laid out the exact numbers he hopes the Kickstarter will hit to make the game not only a reality, but as close to his vision as possible:

I will say this: if we reach the $5 mil mark, one of the things I really want to do with Shenmue 3 will become a reality. At $10 million, it will truly have the features of an open world.

After the break, check out a full breakdown of what Suzuki revealed about Shenmue 3!

Yu Suzuki will be on Reddit tomorrow answering all fan questions

It has been updated via the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter that Yu Suzuki will be answering questions tomorrow (Friday) via Reddit.  Sadly the post doesn’t really say the time they will be on answering the questions or what subreddit they will be using. I will assume it will be either via /r/IAmA or /r/Shenmue. You’d think they would have details like time ready a day before the event starts, but they did say they will keep us updated.

So get your list of questions ready and keep checking on Reddit tomorrow for your chance to ask one of gaming’s most legendary developers all your questions. We will update you when we find out the time and place of the event, so check back.

A TSA officer told Peter Moore: “I don’t need to see your passport. You’re the asshole that gave away Shenmue to Xbox”

This is a funny post today on ‘Today I learned’ subreddit, the section is for people to post facts that they just learned today. This one being SEGA related, I thought it would be fun to share. The source is this wikipedia entry.

‘Moore disclosed to GamingSteve.com that at a security checkpoint at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, a TSA security agent said “I don’t need to see your passport. You’re the asshole that gave away Shenmue to Xbox.”‘

If there is anything I agree with here is that Shenmue does have one of the most vocal fanbases ever. Do I think it was bad to move Shenmue 2 to Xbox? Not necessarily, I thought it was bad not releasing the Dreamcast version along with the Xbox version.

Updated: SEGA employee takes to Reddit, says SEGA’s money funded the Borderlands franchise


EDIT: Aki-at has corrected us, the employee on reddit worked at SEGA, not Gearbox. Though what he says sounds about the same as the Gearbox employee that took to Reddit a few days ago. 

We had a post a few days ago about a Gearbox Worker spilling his guts on the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now we have another one and this time, he is verified. Meaning he sent proper verification that he works at Gearbox Software to the moderators. So what did he say that was interesting?

“Gearbox didnt care about the game, they spent the money from acm on the borderlands games. Look at the release of borderlands and when aliens was anounced, they had the other companies like timegate do the work. When they got the game back timegate had done a terrible job. When it came into sega it was shit basicaly. Gearbox only cared about fixing ‘progression blockers’ (things that stop a player from getting through a level) or crashes” – soetester

The first and easiest is that all that money SEGA pumped through them was actually used to develop Borderlands. Do I see a lawsuit coming? Well, I think something happen since if you go to the Reddit page, his account was deleted. No worries, screenshot of his answers after the break.

Today Reddit learned that the “SE-GA” voice at the start of the Sonic the Hedgehog took up 1/8 of the cartridge space

Did you know that the intro “SE-GA” chime that we all love took 1/8th of the cartridge space? If you are a regular here, you probably already knew this. If you visit Reddit’s /r/TIL subreddit you probably saw this post and now you are seeing my blog posts regarding that blog post. Inception.

So 1/8th of the space? Totally worth it.

Sonic the Hedgehog is faster than lighting

Can you see Sonic going super speed? Most people would assume he would be a sexy blurry mess. Well, Reddit user josepheatsbrains used the power of the brush to bring this painting alive. Not a super difficult piece, but I like the look of brush strokes.

If you guys stumble upon any other great fan made projects, throw us a line or post them in the comment section!