RSS Feed Fixed

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to give a heads up that the RSS feed is now fixed, for those who have noticed it was broken. I want to thank the anonymous person on the SEGAbits survey who pointed out our RSS feed was broken, you rock, seriously! :3 It would of probably been broken for much longer had you not pointed it out.

An RSS feed is just something you except to work, so you don’t check it often to make sure it is working. Something must of went haywire when we updated wordpress. There is a new URL for the RSS feed so you might need to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Here is the new URL:

It’s also available in all the normal places where we have links to the RSS feed.

EDIT: FML. Must of messed something up, now the twitter feed is acting up. Will update this post when fixed.

EDIT 2: Should all be fixed now