Samurai Blood Show sneaking onto the Apple App store tomorrow

SEGA has been silent about the iOS release of Samurai Blood Show, but it seems that it will be coming out tomorrow, September 1st and its a tower defense game with a mix of card action.

The full title will cost you $4.99 $1.99, but the ‘lite’ version will give players the ability to play 4 stages from the campaign. SEGA says the full release will have over 100 levels that span 2o different battlefields.

The game also features ranking mode and multiplayer if you want to play with friends.

[Source: SEGAShiro]

Samurai Blood Show turns out to be iOS game

Do you like Samurais and Blood? Do you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? You are in luck if you live in Japan. If you remember correctly, we talked about SEGA trademarking “Samurai Blood Show”, this is for western release. So you will probably have to wait later for a world wide release.

Above is a video showing off the game in action. Not too impressive graphically. Looks like they made the game on a smaller budget. Game is launching with three price tiers: Free, Plus (350 Yen) and Complete (1200 Yen).

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SEGA trademarks “Samurai Blood Show” [updated]

[“The white waves, the red clouds.” is what the bottom says]

SEGA has filed this trademark for both Europe and US. The US version didn’t have an image, this one came from Europe. See, it’s French on the bottom.

Description from US trademark: “video game software; computer game programs; computer game software; video game discs and cartridges; game programs for mobile telephones etc.”

We could possibly be seeing this on consoles and not just some obscure arcade game. It could also be a name change for the western release of Chaos Code. Though that game doesn’t seem very “Samurai” oriented.

[updated] This is going to be the western release for this iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game.

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