Vanquish Second Demo: ‘Challenge mode’ Available! [update]

You can now download the second Vanquish demo from the Japanese Xbox Live Arcade and Japanese PSN.  So if you haven’t already you need to make a Japanese account.

This is as simple as creating a new XBLA or PSN profile and setting your location to Japan.

This new demo dubbed ‘Challenge mode’ is made specifically for the ‘core’ gamers and the name pretty much sums it up. You must survive 5 waves of enemies and do it in the quickest time with the most points.

From what I have read around other forums some people are finding it hard just to finish! But that wont be a problem for us hardened Sega gamers right?!

[Update] Turns out it is XBLA Gold account only so unless you have a Japanese gold account you are screwed.