SEGA does something nice for the community, Sonic fanboy complains

[The sky is blue]

Recently Sega of America held a community event, and a limited number of Sega fans were invited along to play various games and have a focus group session. Dinner was provided by Sega, fancy!

The event was limited to 50 people, but they later extended it to 55 with a hefty waiting list. So you would hope that at least some real Sega fans would get in, right?

Sounds like a nice event all round. Sega of America went out of their way to do something genuinely great for the community…  So it’s kind of disheartening when I’m greeted with the impressions of the event by one ungrateful Sonic fan. What’s new right?

Hit the jump for some choice quotes of his impressions and some screens of inside Sega American.