SEGA Recycles 79% of 16-bit compilations

Sega is readying themselves to re-re-re-release another bunch of 16-bit classics, which prompted Sega-16’s Ken Horowitz to compile a list of games all 3 current gen compilations (Sega Genesis Collection, Sonic Ultimate Collection & the upcoming Gold Collection) share.

It is intresting to note how oddly some titles have been dropped in future compilations for example Streets of Rage 3 is absent in the Gold Collection.

Horowitz also provides his own analysis as to why there is so much redundancy in the compilations and ends his post with something SEGA fans would love…

Give us collections featuring 32x & CD games!

Check out his insightful feature over here.
Check out the list of games here

SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition announced

SEGA has just announced SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition, which will be released for the PC and contain 46 classic Genesis games. A full list of the games has not been announced yet, but  Sonic 2, Shining Force, Toe Jam & Earl, Sonic 3D Blast, and Virtua Fighter 2 have been confirmed.

This was announced by SEGA America, I assume SEGA Europe will stop releasing volumes and do this bigger collection as well. The collection is expected to hit store shelves on March 15th. Hit the jump for the press release (which says you can get the full list of games at, but at this time it’s not on there).
[Source: SEGA]