Segagaga translation project hopes to finish translation job this year

I was following this project for awhile, all the way back when I started writing for SEGA Nerds. In a new interview with RacketBoy, the team states they are 1/3rds of the way done with raw translation. Yes, far ways off. But they said that they are picking up steam now and hope to finish translating before the year ends.

“We hope to have the text translated within the year. Unfortunately, the largest obstacles to a completed patch might lie beyond the realm of translation and wordsmithing. We still need assistance working through some coding problems that will create the localization patch.”

That is all well and dandy, but they will still need to come up with a way to patch the text into the game. The team wants you, the user to play the game the way it was intended, on the Dreamcast. They say they will most likely patch it into a back up.

I for one I’m excited about this and can’t wait to take down Dogma!

[Source: Racketboy]