SEGA’s Project 575 revealed: Vocaloid iOS App And A PS Vita rhythm/puzzle game

SEGA has been teasing Project 575 for a month and now they finally tell us what the whole fuzz is about. SEGA said Project 575 will be two things, one a app for iOS called Song Composer 575. Like the name suggest the app will allow you to synthesize your voice to sound very Vocaloid-ish. When it launches, you will be able to convert your voice  to sound like either of the two main characters, Azuki Masoka or Matcha Kobayashi. The point? Create vocaloid inspired music.

SEGA will promote the app by giving it to already to popular Vocaloid composers. The app also lets you watch both of the girls dance, allowing you to dress them up and take creepy augmented reality photos of them. The app is set to release on July 26th on iOS in Japan. If you pre-register for the game, they will give users a free waitress costume (oh boy!).

As for the Playstation Vita game…