Sega Funnies: “An O.O.C. Moment”

With the new Sonic Adventure 2 HD out for 360/PS3, I thought I’d show you a classic Sonic Eggs comic I wrote with art by Ame Musashi. I always thought it was funny that with all the drama going on in the main story, that the heroes and villains would take time to care and raise some random Chao while acting completely out of character. Full comic in the comment section. Enjoy!

Fancomic: The Sonic Eggs Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas everyone! What many of you may not be aware of is that I’m not just a staff writer on Sega Bits. I’m also a staff writer on Sonic Stadium and have my own (currently on hiatus) Sonic webcomic, Sonic Eggs. It’s a Sonic X parody comic I’m very proud of and am very lucky to have had some Archie comic talent working on it thanks to my producer Nuckles87. Last year, one of those projects I was able to do was a short X-Mas story with art by Sonic Universe artist (and current writer) Tracy Yardley! (BTW, the exclamation point is his thing.) Click to read the comic and also an explanation on a character you may not be familiar with.