Bayonetta director interested in spin-off for 3DS starring Jeanne

Jeanne Bayonetta Spinoff
Platinum Games has just released The Wonderful 101 on the Nintendo Wii U, their first game with Nintendo and another game by Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. At PAX, Siliconera asked Kamiya if he would want to make a game on the Nintendo 3DS and Kamiya said he had two ideas for the handheld.

“Given the chance, I’d like to make a game based on Jeanne from Bayonetta. Something that’s not as big in scale. Something that’s portable, that you could play in quick sessions, where she’s a history teacher and the kind of fun things that could come out of a scenario like that.” –  Hideki Kamiya (Director of Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101)

So what was the second idea? Well, if you are an Okami fan, time to hit that jump button.

Kamiya talks Bayonetta spin-off starring Jeanne

Platinum Games has released their 8th director commentary video. Basically Kamiya plays through the game, while he talks about various things. In this video he mentions wanting to make a Bayonetta spin-off starring Jeanne.

“I’m sure those of you who’ve unlocked the special features know about Cutie J. She’s Jeanne as a heroine, who would star in a spin-off game I like to fantasize about.” – Hideki Kamiya, Bayonetta Director

Another idea he spits out in the videos is a prequel to the game, one that would take place before the war between the witches and the sages with a younger Balder. Its too bad that none of these ideas are actually games in development. Shame.

[Source: Siliconera]