Gamefly used sale has cheap SEGA games

If you want some recently released SEGA games and have been waiting. Get them now, for cheap. I ordered from Gamefly and the cases, manuals and disc look flawless.




The rest of the list is here. Happy shopping.

Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll Review

Such a weird concept, who thought about making a game about monkeys in balls that you roll down tracks? I mean its borderline insane, even more insane is that this is now a franchise. Hit the jump and read our review for the latest entry in the Super Monkey Ball franchise.

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll launch trailer

Check out the Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll launch trailer above, showing off aspects of the upcoming game. Check out those mini-games, I can’t wait to play butt bumping; first time I can do something like that under a rainbow and not be made fun of for it.

Like most trends in video games, this new release also offers up co-op play; how good that plays is yet to be decided. You will be able to pick up your copy on February 9th; so tomorrow.