Persona 5 shows off opening movie, first 18 minutes, new characters, anime, and more

Persona5OpeningMovieI warned you the other day that Atlus was teasing seven new announcements for Persona 5 during its Premium Event Niconico stream. Well, that happen earlier today and what did they announce for Persona 5? A ton of stuff, including showing off the first 18 minutes of gameplay from the game. Want to catch all the action?

Hit the jump for all the new information:

[Via: Gematsu]

Sonic Colours TV Spot

Check out the Sonic Colours TV spot!

I like it, it’s got gameplay, a review score flashes up (Even if it is just Nintendo Power…) and some of that good old fashioned humour which 90’s era Sega commercials were known for.

Take note of the book Sonic is holding near the end of the commercial. The cover says,
“Cracked, the biography of Dr. Eggman.”
Great touch!